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Our Board

Playgroup NSW is run by our members for our members.

The Playgroup NSW Board is made up of Directors who are elected from and by our membership under our constitution.

The responsibilities of the Board include setting and reviewing our strategic direction, monitoring organisational performance, establishing policy, the appointment of the CEO and enhancing the organisation’s public image.

The Board bring extensive expertise in governance, business operations, accounting, law, project management, marketing, not-for-profit management and human resources. They have experienced the benefits of playgroup first-hand and are passionate about supporting the delivery of playgroup to families in NSW.

Role of the Board

The role of the Board is to maintain a high level of corporate governance across the organisation. The Board is responsible for:

  • Overall governance of Playgroup NSW
  • Determining the association’s policies
  • Approving the association’s annual budget
  • Receiving, considering and acting upon advice from the organisation
  • Entering into agreements with government or authorities
  • Investing the association’s funds in trustee investments

Members are elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

To find out more about the roles and responsibilities of the Board, read the Playgroup NSW Charter and the Playgroup NSW Constitution

Playgroup NSW Board


Bettina McMahon


Bettina is a mother of two young girls. She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and one in Business. Bettina is Head of Risk and Assurance with the National eHealth Transition Authority. Her daughters attend playgroup with their grandmother and Bettina is particularly interested in advocating for better recognition of the role grandparents play in raising our children, through acknowledgement of this work in our community and through better support and funding for grandparents who are also child carers.


Anita Peters


Anita is a chartered Accountant and financial auditor and has extensive experience in the board rooms of blue chip Australian and UK organisations. Anita holds a practicing certificate with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia, is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and possesses a strong understanding of finance functions, risk management frameworks and reporting. Anita is a mother of four, has attended Playgroups with all her children and has also spent a number of years working in various youth and community service roles. 


Jane Bowd

Board Member

Jane is a senior lawyer and governance specialist with over 14 years’ experience in a top tier law firm and ANZ Bank. Jane is the appointed company secretary for several high profile ANZ Bank entities, and is responsible for their boards’ corporate governance and operations. Her expertise covers government regulation, legal compliance, best practice governance, risk & insurance, and business strategy. She works full-time and has three young children under five, and both a live-in au pair and live-in grandparent, so is a strong advocate for child play support forums for all types of carers – i.e. mothers and fathers, nannies and au pairs, and grandparents!


Imma Chippendale

Board Member

Imma has extensive experience assisting the boards and senior management of a wide range of organisations to develop corporate strategy. She has three children and has found attending playgroup with all of them to be valuable and fun both for herself and her children. Imma has a particular interest in the role playgroups can play in reducing social isolation for new parents and families.


Renee Jackson

Board Member

Renée has been a member of Playgroup NSW since 2014 and became a coordinator at the Kingsgrove playgroup in 2016. She values the unique development opportunities and experiences that playgroup enables her children and the advice, support and friendship from the other parents.

With a background in supplier relations for a corporate travel company, Renée has extensive experience in managing relationships, events and marketing activities with internal and external stakeholders. Renée recently earned an MBA in Business Law and Strategic Management. Her degree focused on the practical application of law, corporate governance, strategy and entrepreneurship in order to manage and govern sustainable business operations.

Karen Jones-Gudmunson

Board Member

Karen is a chartered accountant with qualifications in project management, financial planning, strategy and communication. She values the way playgroups foster children’s social and physical development. She has seen her own two sons flourish by attending regular playgroups. As a parent, she has found the information and updates Playgroup NSW provides invaluable.


Karen Lui

Board Member

Karen has two children and believes strongly in the value of playgroup to bring families together, the way it can foster the social development of children and provide support within the community. She joined the Playgroup NSW Board in 2017 and is a current member of the Audit, Compliance and Finance Committee. Karen is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Taxation Institute of Australia, with over 20 years’ experience in tax and accounting.


David Sutton-Foxton

Board Member

David is a Senior Consultant with the Noetic Group, a professional services company providing consulting services to government, the not-for-profit sector and resources sectors. He specialises in capability development, public transport security, evaluations and reviews, exercise development, risk management and risk communications, emergency management and lessons learnt. David is the father of three children, including two who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is deeply passionate about providing opportunities for families with special needs children to engage with their peers through playgroups.  


Tracey Watts

Board Member

Tracey joined the board of Playgroup in 2016 and is also a current member of the Audit, Compliance and Finance Committee.

She has attended playgroup with her son for the last two years and has also volunteered as the day leader during this time. Being a single mum with a very active little boy, she relies on her local playgroup not only for her child’s benefit, but also for the support and friendship she has received from the other parents/grandparents/carers. She believes strongly in the value of playgroup in bringing families together.

Tracey is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants ANZ with over 20 years' experience in tax, accounting, management and business advice including 12 years running her own firm. 

Have a question for the Playgroup NSW Board?

Email the Board.

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If your local mother’s or new parent’s group is interested in continuing to meet as your children get older, forming a playgroup is a great option.

Often parents will find it difficult to continue to meet at cafes or in similar environments once children are older and more active. Playgroup provides a dedicated space for children to play, allowing parents to continue to connect.

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If you don’t have a playgroup close to home, why not consider starting one? Not only is this more convenient for local parents, it also helps bring communities together.

  • You would like to focus on a language, culture or particular interest

Playgroup NSW provides a range of special interest playgroups including culturally specific playgroups, grandparent’s playgroups, LGBTI playgroups and disability-focused playgroups. If you’re looking for a playgroup with a special interest or focus, we can help you start one.

Interested in starting a playgroup? Playgroup NSW can help you get started.

There are 10 steps involved in starting a playgroup:

  1. Find interested families
  2. Identify the playgroup’s purpose
  3. Select a day of the week and time
  4. Choose an appropriate location
  5. Identify play activities
  6. Select toys and equipment
  7. Establish policies and guidelines
  8. Join Playgroup NSW
  9. Identify costs
  10. Get started!

To read more about each of these steps, read our guide on How to Start a Playgroup.

Playgroup NSW are here to help you at all stages of the process

Playgroup NSW offers a membership package with insurance coverage designed specifically for playgroups.

Contact us if you:

  • Want to start a playgroup
  • Want to affiliate an existing playgroup with Playgroup NSW
  • Already run a playgroup that has adequate insurance coverage and would like to access some of the services provided by Playgroup NSW

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